Radio Syndication

Welcome to Radio Syndication!

Radio Syndication offers radio stations around the world quality syndicated radio shows at realistic prices (sometimes even free!).

If you need to fill any slots on your radio stations schedule, take a look through the shows we have listed on our site and get in touch if you’d like to use any of them.

Do you have a show you’d like to advertise here? Get in touch and submit your show!

Do you offer your show to radio stations around the world? Do you need an inexpensive way to distribute your audio files in a professional way?
Then why not try out our Media Server with password protected logins and statistics. We also have On-Demand audio servers where you can host your show and offer it to listeners when they want to hear it.

We are just about to launch our Web Player, bringing together all syndicated shows and radio station feeds in one place for stations/listeners to listen to your syndicated shows. Get your show/station listed now FREE of charge! Contact us to get listed now!

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